18 September 2020
Language Skin Object

The Interzoic Language Skin Object provides the same configuration options and functionality of the core DNN Language Skin Object.  In addition, it provides an option to remove the <country/region> information from all HTML presentations by using a new attribute: ShowCountry.

Attribute Name


Allowed Values

Default Value


Boolean attribute, used to either display or hide the <country/region> information

True, False


When ShowCountry attribute is specified as False the <country/region> information is removed from the text rendered for the following tokens.  This affects mouse over tool tips, drop down menus and link text. 

  • [LABEL]

ShowCountry=True (DNN Default)

Language Skin Object

Accord LMS

  • SCORM Compliant
  • Blended Learning
  • Personalized Training
  • Management Delegation
  • Utilization Reports
  • eCommerce, Social Networking
  • Distributed Channels
  • Intuitive, Web 2.0
  • Full Documentation
  • Unmatched Value

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